Posted by: vikingsinspace | December 13, 2010

I. Visit Kew Gardens

Date Accomplished: 15 August 2010

The Pagoda

I’ve always enjoyed gardens, and try to go to botanical gardens or formal gardens when I get the chance or the weather permits.  When I learned about Kew Gardens in the outskirts of London I new I had to get to it at some point.  Kew is huge!  There was no way I was going to be able to see it all, but my girlfriend and I gave it our best shot.

We started the day by getting lunch at the Orangery and carrying it out to the azalea garden to eat.  Afterwards, we walked through the bamboo garden.  The highlight here wasn’t the plants as much as was the Minka House; a small, traditionally built Japanese house.  Afterwards, we wandered around to the lake and crossed the bridge over it to get to the treetop walkway.  I was a little dissapointed with the treetop walkway.  In theory, walking around amongst the tops of the trees sounds great, but there was little else to do.  There were no real information plaques to speak of, and certainly none that went into any great detail.  The walkway swayed a bit in the wind as well which left me a little uneasy, so wea headed back down the stairs (118 of them) and continued on to the Japanese Garden.

Japanese Gateway

I have always liked Japanes Gardens, so this was probably my favorite spot.  Inside the garden, there was a replica of a Japanese Gateway which was just beautiful and had recently been restored.  After this, we made our way to the Pagoda which was beautiful to look at, but there was no information to say what is is or its purpose.  I have since found out that it was simply an observatory but has been closed for safety reasons.  Nonetyheless, it certainly needs a new coat of paint.

Palm House

We finished up the day by going through the two victorian greenhouses: the Temperate House and the Palm House.  Both are interesting architectural structures, and both have walkways inside the top of the main building which allows you to walk around observe the uppermost parts of the trees.  Like the treetop walkway, there were no informational plaques, but the trees were so much different that they were enough to look at in themselves.  I could have spent all day in these two buildings alone since there was so much to see, but they were also extremly hot, so we had to limit ourselves (that, and we didn’t have too much time before the park closed…).

A Flower

Another Flower...



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