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I.2.01.14. Visit Boston

Date Accomplished: 27, 29 Nov. 2010

Paul Revere’s House. And His SUV.

While my primary interest in History is that of Medieval Europe, I am still an American and am interested in our own history, and particularly that of the founding of our nation.  No place in the U.S. is better suited for visiting multiple sites that played a large part in America’s founding than in the city of Boston.  So much has happened here, such as the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s ride, and the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Boston is certainly an area that any American History buff needs to visit, as well as any American who has an interest in America’s earliest years.

USS Constitution

During the time of my visit, my girlfriend was living in Boston and offered all the excuses I needed to visit her and the city.  We didn’t have a lot of time to see much, so limited ourselves with walking along The Freedom Trail: a 2.5 mile path through the city that takes visitors to the major sites in Boston associated with the American Revolution.  Since it was towards the end of November, the weather was colder than we wanted it to be, so rather than do the whole path in one day, we split it into two, starting the first day at Faneuil Hall and heading North.  In my opinion, most of the highlights where along this part of the trail.  We spent a little time inside Paul Revere’s House which has mostly been maintained and reconstructed and is certainly worth the few dollars admission fee.  For myself, the best part of this half of the trail was towards the end at the USS Constitution.  I enjoyed getting to climb aboard the old ship and having a look around – it did have to be with a tour guide below decks, and we did have to wait a while to get on a tour, but it was worth it.

Old State House – Site of the Boston Massacre

The second day had us starting at Faneuil Hall again and moving West/South.  There wasn’t as many interesting attractions on this side, but it was interesting to see the site of the Boston Massacre and look at the building (Old State House) which is depicted in the famous etching of the event.  This half of the trail at least ended in Boston Common so we were able to enjoy a nice walk around the park (and eventually finding the “Cheers” Pub at one end).  I had an excellent trip, and am now living in Boston with my Girlfriend, so I am looking forward to the opportunity of getting to know this city better.



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