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I.4.02.05. Visit Paris

Date Accomplished: 18 June 2000

The Eiffel Tower

Continuing on from my previous post, after the tour group had visited London, then Oxford and Stratford, we hopped on a bus to take us down to Dover, from there a ferry to Calais, and another bus into Paris on the 18th of June in the evening.  Much like my first visit to London, my first visit to Paris was short, and the only things I was able to see were the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower (as well as take a boat tour on the Seine).  I distinctly remember walking around the Louvre, and searching out the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo as I’m sure most first-time visitors do (and one memory in particular of when I wasn’t paying attention at one point and ended up tripping on and walking over and ancient mosaic laid-out on the floor in the museum.  I had noticed on one of my more recent trips that this same mosaic has a rail around it now to prevent this from happening…), and then a night-time trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Notre Dame

On the 8th of July in the same year, I came back to Paris with my father and sister and was able to spend a little more time around the city.  In particular I actually got to go inside Notre Dame this time, but still didn’t have time to climb to the top of it (Something I would eventually do ten years later.  See I.4.0205.2).  We also climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower (daytime this time!) but it was raining and extremely windy at the top.  We had also planned to see the Arc de Triomphe, but due to the weather decided to go to Versailles (which, sadley, none of my photos came out).  The Palace of Versailles is of course beautiful, and I remember it being opulent to the point of gaudy.  Sadly, the stronger memory I have of the place is it being over-run by asian tourists – so much so that we could barely move in a room.  Because of the weather, we didn’t get to see the gardens which are also suppose to be beautiful, so they remain on my goal list of something I need to do.

Inside Saint Chapelle

Since this initial trip, I have been back to Paris twice: both in recent years with my girlfriend.  The first of these was in March of 2009 which was suppose to be a valentine’s day gift to her (I got a hell of a deal leaving from England).  She was sick at the time, so it was a little tough for her to walk around.  Regardless, we went to see the Musee de Cluny (a museum devoted to the middle ages) and Saint Chapelle which is a gorgeous medieval chapel on the Isle de la Cite.  We also walked along the Seine and the Champs Elysees which I had missed out on my previous trip.  My girlfriend knew of an excellent little restraunt on the Rue Cler which we visited, and just caused a generally relaxed visit all around.  The second trip with my girlfriend was similar to the first, only in 2010.  She was attending a conference, so I tagged along and was able to finally climb to the top of Notre Dame.  This was the same trip where we visited Saint Denis, but otherwise we just wandered around Paris.

L'Arc de Triomphe



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