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VI.01.27 Read The Hounds of God

Date Accomplished: ???

I suppose I should start with a little explanation.  Rafael Sabatini is probably my favorite author, and I have vowed to read all of his books.  I had started at one point keeping a reading journal of sorts of the Sabatini books I have read, and I will essentially be reproducing what I have written in that here.  Each entry starts out with quotes I liked from the book; these can be either some philosophical thought that I found intriguing or humorous, or it could simply be a phrase of sorts that was eloquently presented.  Afterward, I’ll write a small portion on my impressions of the book.  For anyone who hasn’t read a book by Sabatini, his “masterpieces” are Scaramouche, Captain Blood and The Sea-Hawk.  For information on the man himself, check out this website.

The Hounds of God: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

My Sabatini Journal

“He sought by study to probe the meaning, purpose and ultimate object of life, than which there is no pursuit more likely to alienate a man from the business of living.” (5)

“In all ages it has been deemed proper that valour should yield to beauty.” (60)

“Whoever made love in terms of reason with any hope of success?” (88)

“There’s naught in the world so costly as vanity.” (109)

“Sometimes it is only by mockery that the truth may be rendered apparent.” (179)


The Hounds of God is similar to other Sabatini novels as it revolves around the struggles of two men to win one woman’s heart.  However, this novel differs in that the somewhat roguish, otherwise perfect gentleman does not win the lady’s heart from the predetermined, somewhat unintelligent, yet still honourable suitor.

The Hounds of God: House of Stratus Edition

The Hounds of God: House of Stratus Edition

The novel begins as an adventure story, but imperceivably turns into a political drama with so many twists that only Sabatini could have conceived of it.  The Hounds of God also acts as a prequel of sorts to The Sea Hawk, with Oliver Tressilian playing an important companion to Gervase Crosby, the hero of the novel.

Although not the sea epic I had hoped for, The Hounds of God was nonetheless a fantastic read, if not quite the caliber of Captain Blood or Scaramouche.



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