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VI.01.31. Read Scaramouche the King-maker

Date Accomplished: Fall 2007

Scaramouche the King-Maker:  House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“Experience has shown me that the virtuous commonly perish of want.” (27)

“Ah!  You lay the blame on Destiny?  She is the scapegoat of every incompetent.”  (88)

“It is only the worthless who harbour notions of their worth.” (206)

“It is easy to plead convincingly and eloquently when a man pleads truthfully.” (223)

“There never have ben such despots in the land as the apostles of Equality.” (341)

Scaramouch the King-maker was, sadly, a disappointment.  I believe what actually made it a disappointment was more to the fact that Scaramouche was so masterfully done with such a perfect resolution that any continuance of that story with the same characters takes away from it.  However, Scaramouch the King-maker does end with one of the most gratifying acts of spite and retribution I have yet read from Sabatini.

Scaramouche the King-maker

Whilst the pursuit of revenge is consistent for the character André-Louis, I could not help noticing that his persona was much more dark and mirthless than it was in Scaramouche (a fact Sabatini himself admits to early in the novel).  The ‘gift of laughter’ has been lost.

I question whether or not I will read this book again, but perhaps I will find greater merit in it if I am not forced to compare it to Scaramouche, as I am by reading the one after the other.  After all, Sabatini waited ten years to write this sequel…



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