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VI.01.45. Read Turbulent Tales

Date Accomplished: 22 August 2010

Turbulent Tales: Hutchinson Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“… there was in her commanding beauty a passport to the favour of any man who was not withered to the marrow.” (25)

“I could bear to be hanged by proxy.  Indeed, it will be a satisfaction if you are the proxy.” (32)

“The man who does not know how and when to laugh, sometimes does very foolish and very painful things.” (43)

“He was not to suffer truth to be an insurmountable obstacle to his defense.” (104)

“How stout is the assurance that has its roots in ignorance!” (167)

“Work was the last thing he sought.  He mistrusted his capacity for disposing of it.  Being hungry, however, he thought that he had better learn more about it.” (215)

Turbulent Tales

This book is an excellent collection of short stories by Sabatini.  Each of the stories contain the charm and wit, not to mention the twisting plots, that I’ve come to expect from Sabatini.  Even better, they are all short enough to be easily read in a single sitting.

As far as I can tell, there was no overall theme for each of these stories.  Sabatini manages to cover each of the historical eras he tends to write about throughout the book: Renaissance Italy with a story about Michaelangelo (‘The Kneeling Cupid’), Revolutionary France with the final four stories, Casanova, and a couple new themes (to me…) involving Flanders and a man posing as an alchemist in France.

Additionally, there are two stories which could be considered part of the over-all Captain Blood story.  ‘The Remedy’ in particular mentions Blood by name and concerns judge Jeffreys after sentencing Blood (I would place it as III.1 in the The Saga of Captain Blood).  The second story concerns a rebel from the same battle, and is entitled ‘The Constable of Chard.’ (this would then be placed at III.2 just after ‘The Remedy.’)



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