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I.4.03. Visit Germany

Date Accomplished: Summer 2000/20-23 June 2010

Where We Stayed in Austria

Since I have already written about most of my experiences during my first trip to Germany (see I.4.03.01. Visit FrankfurtI.4.03.02.  See he House Where my Mother Grew Up, and 4.03.04. Visit Neuschwanstein), this post will primarily be about my second trip.  I have so far only been to Germany twice, but really hope to visit again someday.  This second trip, I took with my girlfriend in the summer of 2010, and most of it had been planned by her, with my putting in some input (I knew she would like to see Neuschwanstein, as well as the rest of Bavaria, so we kept ourselves mainly in Southern Germany).

A Building in Mittenwald

We had actually stayed just on the other side of the border in Austria (accommodations were cheaper – and so was gas!), and drove into Germany each day.  Our central town we kept going back to was Mittenwald – a little town that was known for its violin making.  Today, the city center is a collection of beautiful buildings with very nice paintings on the outside.  It was one of the few places we went where almost no one spoke English, so it was kind of nice to really get a sense of a less-touristy area.  It is surprising that no tourists were there, since it is such a lovely town.  Go see it.  You won’t regret it.


We also stopped by Oberammergau – another small town which specializes in wood carvings.  Oberammergau is also know for putting on a ‘passion play’ (a play about the death of Jesus) every ten years.  I had actually been in Oberammergau in 2000 with my family when the Passion Play was running, but we didn’t go see it.  This time, once again the play was on, but my girlfriend and I couldn’t get tickets – they had sold out years in advance.  If this pattern keeps up, I suspect I’ll find myself in Germany again in 2020, so I better order my tickets now…  Despite not being able to see the play, Oberammergau is a lovely little city, and much like Mittenwald, many of the building in town have beautiful paintings on them.


I spoke in my post about Neuschwanstein about our trip to see the castle on this occasion, so I don’t really need to cover that again.  We did, however, go see another palace built by Ludwig II: the one called Linderhof.  Linderhof I believe is the only Palace that Ludwig actually completed.  It is based off of Versailles, but is much smaller than the French Palace.  The grounds at Linderhof are beautiful though, and offer many more opportunities to see just what an eccentric Ludwig II was.

Linderhof Grounds



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