Posted by: vikingsinspace | April 9, 2012

VI.20.01.05. Read Medieval Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Date Accomplished: 6 June 2011

Medieval Britain VSI

This book, as the rest in this series, provides a good overview of some of the main events that took place in British History from 1066 to about 1500.  There is a lot to cover in 500 years, so while I was a little disappointed at a few things that were left out of the narrative, I should not have been too surprised.  I was a little excited to get to the latter half of the book, covering the years from about 1290 to 1500.  I have spent so much time recently between my Masters and Doctorate focusing on the history of England i the twelfth century, that I have had little chance to read about the later middle ages in England.  In addition to my interests in the twelfth century, I have always enjoyed the Hundred Years War and the reigns of Edward III and Henry V, so it was fun to read just a little bit about that time period again.


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