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VIII.2. Complete 1/4 of my Goals List

Date Accomplished: 5 October 2010

A Quarter...

As I’m not sure how to approach a post such as this, I figure the best way to record accomplishing 1/4 of my goals is to simply note some of the important goals accomplished in this quarter, record where I stand at this point in terms of the number of goals I have and how many I have achieved, and then list all of the goals accomplished in the quarter (which i will attempt to update with links as posts are written).  So, here it is:

First Goal Accomplished in this Quarter:

I suppose technically this was both I.2.01. Visit The United States and I.2.01.05. Visit Colorado, since I was born there…

Final Goal Accomplished in the Quarter:

VI.01.10. Read The Justice of the Duke

Most Difficult Goal Accomplished:

III.04. Get an MA

Goal I am Most Proud of:

I.4. Visit Europe

Goal I Came Closest to Achieving in this Quarter but Didn’t:

I. Visit Richmond Castle

Number of Goals as of Posting:


Number of Goals Accomplished as of Posting:


All Goals Accomplished in this Quarter:

I. Travel

I.2. __ North America and Central America

I.2.01. __ United States

I.2.01.02. __ Mount Rushmore

I.2.01.03. __ Washington D.C.

I.2.01.04. __ Las Vegas

I.2.01.05. __ Colorado

I. __ Climb Pikes Peak

I. __ Climb Manitou Incline

I. __ Climb to the top of Red Mountain

I. __ Climb the sand dunes

I. __ Mesa Verde

I.2.01.06. __ Hike in the Grand Canyon

I.2.01.07. __ Find that Beautiful beach in Washington

I.2.01.08. __ Devil’s Tower

I.4. __ Europe

I.4.01.__ Great Britain

I.4.01.1.__ England

I. __ Live in England

I. __ Stonehenge

I. __ Nottingham and Sherwood Forest

I. __ Tintagel Castle

I. __ Bede’s tomb / Jarrow

I. __ Sutton Hoo

I. __ Lake District

I. __ Dover Castle

I. __ Bury St. Edmund’s

I. __ Runnymede

I. __ Site of the Battle of Maldon

I. __ Site of the Battle of Hastings

I. __ Lincoln

I. __ Glastonbury

I. __ Hereford

I. __ Hexam & the Anglo-Saxon Crypt

I. __ London

I. __ Climb Monument

I. __ Climb Tower Bridge

I. __ Ride the London Eye

I. __ See a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre

I. __ Kew Gardens

I. __ Legoland

I. __ Fountains Abbey

I. __ Hampton Court

I. __ Chatsworth House and Gardens

I. __ Brighton (Royal Pavilion)

I. __ Oxford

I.4.01.3. __ Scotland

I. __ Edinburgh

I.4.02. __ France

I.4.02.01. __ Bayeux and the Tapestry

I.4.02.03. __ Site of the Battle of Agincourt

I.4.02.04. __ Mont St. Michel

I.4.02.05. __ Paris

I. __ St. Denis

I. __ Climb to the top of Notre-Dame

I.4.03. __ Germany

I.4.03.01. __ Frankfurt

I.4.03.02. __ The house mom grew up in

I.4.03.04. __ Neuschwanstein

I.4.06. __ Ireland

I.4.09. __ Italy

I.4.09.02. __ Rome

I.4.09.03. __ Venice

I.4.09.04. __ Pompeii

I.4.09.06. __ Herculaneum

I.4.09.10. __ The Vatican

I.4.13. __ Brugge

I.4.14. __ Charles Leland Taylor’s grave

I.4.17. __ Spain

I.5. __ Africa & Middle East

I.5.02. __ Morocco

I.5.02.01. __ Tangiers

II. __ Adventure / Sport

II.06. __ Learn archery

III. __ Academic / Professional

III.04. __ Get an MA

III.09. __ Attend the Battle Conference

IV. Lifestyle / Personal Improvement

IV.01. __ Smoke a Cuban Cigar

IV.06. __ Learn Latin

IV.11. __ Dance in the rain

IV.25. __ Stay in a relationship for at least one year

IV.27. __ Make Uncle Bill’s Truffles

V. Music

V.05. __ See Dio live

V.07. __ See Saxon live

VI. Reading

VI.01.01. __ The Lovers of Yvonne / The Suitors of Yvonne

VI.01.02. __ The Tavern Knight

VI.01.03. __ Bardelys the Magnificent

VI.01.06. __ The Shame of Motley

VI.01.08. __ Mistress Wilding / Anthony Wilding

VI.01.10. __ The Justice of the Duke

VI.01.12. __ The Strolling Saint

VI.01.14. __ The Gates of Doom

VI.01.20. __ Scaramouche

VI.01.21. __ Captain Blood: His Odyssey

VI.01.22. __ Fortune’s Fool

VI.01.23. __ The Carolinian

VI.01.25. __ Bellarion the Fortunate

VI.01.26. __ The Nuptials of Corbal

VI.01.27. __ The Hounds of God

VI.01.31. __ Scaramouche the Kingmaker

VI.01.32. __ Captain Blood Returns

VI.01.33. __ The Black Swan

VI.01.35. __ Venetian Masque

VI.01.36. __ Heroic Lives

VI.01.37. __ Chivalry

VI.01.38. __ The Fortunes of Captain Blood

VI.01.39. __ The Lost King

VI.01.41. __ The Sword of Islam

VI.01.43. __ Columbus

VI.01.44. __ King in Prussia / The Birth of Mischief

VI.01.45. __ Turbulent Tales

VI.01.46. __ The Gamester

VI.03. __ Dante’s Divine Comedy

VII. Misc. Goals

VII.07.08. __ Issues #500-600 of Amazing Spider-Man

VII.11. __ Learn to juggle

VIII. Goal Milestones

VIII.2. __ Complete 1/4 of my goals list


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