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VI.01.14. Read The Gates of Doom

Date Accomplished: ???

The Gates of Doom: The Writings of Rafael Sabatini Edition, vol. xix

My Sabatini Journal

“…the man who cannot lose with calm and grace, no matter what the game or what the stakes – even though it should be life itself – has not the right to enter play.” (6)

“If war must be, if men must fight, surely it should be in defence of liberty, of right, of high ideals. Surely there is naught else can justify the risk of life.” (89)

“…unprofitable insult is [the] sport of fools.” (304)

I believe The Gates of Doom was one of the books Sabatini considered to be one of ‘the sins of my literary nonage.’ (The Lion’s Skin, pg. v) If the man believed this, then it is just a testament to what an amazing author he was – for The Gates of Doom was a brilliant novel.

The Gates of Doom

The story had more twists than any I believe I have ever read. While the large cast could be confusing at times (added in to the fact that mistaken identity plays a large role in the plot), it was necessary for the incredible story to unfold the way ot did. I think perhaps what Sabatini regrets about this novel was the incident around which the title was conceived – that being the hanging of the main character, Harry Gaynor, and his subsequent survival. Or perhaps it was from little historical research (I couldn’t say as I am not familiar with the time period).

Regardless, it was a fantastic read which I read much too quickly.



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