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I.2.01.04. Visit Las Vegas

Date Accomplished: 1 January 2005

My Friends by a Giant Slot Machine

Continuing from my last post (I.2.01.06. Hike in the Grand Canyon), our trip continued the next day (31 Dec.) to Las Vegas where we would spend New Years.  We couldn’t technically check in to our hotel until the next day, but who was gonna sleep in Vegas on New Year’s eve, right?  So we parked our car at the Casino (Circus Circus – one of my friends was a big fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to stay there) and wandered into town.  We couldn’t do much on this first night because my other friend wasn’t 21 yet – his 21st birthday was actually on New Years day, so we had to just wander until midnight.  Midnight came, and everyone got kicked out of the casinos onto the strip.  We were surrounded by a mass of thousands of drunken people, waiting for some kind of fireworks to go off at midnight.  We were lucky not to get separated from one another, as there was absolutely no room to move and if we got caught in a stream of moving people, there was no choice but to go with it.  Fights tended to break out around us too, as people were just too packed-in and belligerent.  Eventually midnight came and went, and the crows dispersed.  We immediately found ourselves a bar so we could start drinking (we had made a pack not to drink until my one friend turned 21) and doing the Vegas thing.

I needn’t bore you with all the details of our trip, but it’s about what you’d expect from three young men in Vegas.  We spent a good amount of time at the Blackjack tables (I think I was the only one to come out ahead), had plenty of great food and even saw a show.  I think it was called ‘Bite’ which I could only describe as ‘Vampire Burlesque set to Classic Rock.’  It was cheesy as hell, but fun.  Come to think of it, we saw a magician’s act too, but sadly no Elvis impersonator (there were plenty we saw roaming around town, but we didn’t get to hear any).  Needless to say, we had a blast, and I am itching for the time when I can afford to go again.  This short road trip I certainly recount as one of the better vacations I have taken in my life, and I have plenty of memories of it (but sadly few photographs – these 2 are the only ones I took in Vegas).

The Las Vegas Skyline from our Hotel Room


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