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I. Visit Fountains Abbey

Date Accomplished: Spring 2008

Fountains Abbey

A couple of my friends in the history department and I decided we needed to get out of town and go do something.  Since we are all medievalists, it was obviously going to be somewhere of importance to the middle ages.  I had always wanted to see the ruins of Fountains Abbey, and since it was relatively nearby, it was decided that’s where we would go (with a short stop in Ripon on the way back).

Abbey Stairs

Fountains is one of the best preserved monastic ruins in England.  It was incredible to get near it and see just how large the site actually was.  It is now in a ruinous state because of the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII, but before then, it was clearly a large and important monastic center.  My friends and I spent several hours wandering through many buildings and poking around nooks and crannies playing amateur archaeologists.  It’s a shame that it is no longer intact, but then it holds its own beauty and romance as a ruin.

There is more to the site of Fountains Abbey than just the abbey though.  There are many acres of gardens and wooded walking paths to enjoy.  One of the paths takes the visitor up a rather large hill to get better perspective of the site as a whole, before taking you back down to the valley and the man-made ponds and fountains.  We were lucky to have beautiful weather that day (if a little cold – no rain though!), and we all received a much needed break from our stuffy chairs and library books.

Abbey Grounds



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