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VI.01.43. Read Columbus

Date accomplished: ???

Columbus: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

My Sabatini Journal

“Coyness may be suffered and humoured to a point; but beyond that point it becomes tiresome.” (48)

“I brimmed him a full cup of the wine of flattery, and in his conceit he quaffed it to the dregs.” (80)

“It is folly to refuse a fleeting joy in a life in which all joys are fleeting.” (102)

“Too much caution may thwart acheivement.” (174)

“Hopes that remain unfulfilled are better abandoned. They supply only pain.” (233)

“It was one of the ironies of existence that God gives nuts to the toothless.” (352)

I had a little trouble getting into the book Columbus, but it was still well worth the read. A political intrigue and love story in one, the book concerned itself with the events preceeding Columbus’ voyages to the Americas, and in particular his need to convince the sovereigns of Spain that his voyage was plausible, and not the dream of a fool.

Columbus: House of Stratus Edition

Columbus: House of Stratus Edition

Sabatini does an excellent job of creating plausible explanations for Columbus’ desire for the voyage, and the troubles that plagued him.  It would not surprise me if I was told that Sabatini was using Columbus’ actual journal as a guide.  My only regret about the book is that we never know if Columbus regains the heart of Beatriz in the end, but then that mystery tends to lend a little more charm to the book.  (For info on Columbus and Beatriz, click here)

This edition was unfortunately plagued with typos towards the end of the book.



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