Posted by: vikingsinspace | April 16, 2012

VII.22. Go to an Aquarium

Date Accomplished: 30 October 2011


I went up to Boston for a weekend to visit my girlfriend.  The weather didn’t promise to be anything nice, so we looked for something indoors to do, and decided today would be a good day to do the Aquarium (since I had never been to one before).

So did everyone else in Boston.

I do tend to complain about crowds in big cities though – considering it was a weekend with lousy weather, I suppose it wasn’t too bad.  After getting through the long ticket entry line (outside… in the rain…) we immediately came into a room with a petting tank containing sting rays and some small sharks.  The sharks didn’t really come out (these were apparently nocturnal), but there were a good number of sting rays floating about.  Downstairs from there was a small room with several tanks containing jellyfish of all shapes and colors.

African Penguins

The highlight (for me at least) was the large central room which contained a couple of big pools with rocks, and Penguins!  There were three different types of Penguins, all of the smaller variety, but it wasn’t a very big aquarium, so that shouldn’t be surprising.  Penguins are by far my favorite animal (long before they became popular with the whole ‘march of the penguins’ thing, which I still haven’t seen…), so I enjoyed getting to see several different varieties all in one place.  Even better, in one of the pools they had a light that you could shine into the pool which the penguins would chase – much like a cat with a laser-pointer.


There were plenty of other tanks and fish to be seen.  Some of the highlights were a blue lobster, an electric eel (with a device above the tank indicating when it was producing electricity and how much), an Axolotl (fish with legs), and a giant central fish tanks with numerous varieties of small and large fish, plus a couple of sharks.

The Boston Aquarium is a good aquarium, but it was a little small (and on this day crowded).  For the price they charge, I’d say it’s not worth it unless you can get a discounted coupon (The price was $22 a person – we were able to get tickets for $8 which is much more reasonable).  Still, it was my first trip to an aquarium, and I quite enjoyed it.


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