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I.4.17. Visit Spain

Date Accomplished: 21-5 June, 2000

Inside Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid

I first arrived in Spain (Madrid specifically) on an overnight train from Paris.  This was actually the first train I had ever ridden on for the express purpose of travel (there are a few touristy trains where I’m from that take people into the mountains and back, but are not really meant as a means of mass transportation).  There is not much I remember of Madrid, but for a few things.  We had spent an afternoon in the Royal Botanical Gardens, which I remember being absolutely beautiful.  I think I took a whole role of film there devoted just to the flowers.  We also visited two art museums (whose names I neither recorded, nor do I remember – I think one of them was the Prado, but I’m not sure…  forgive me, as you can see it’s been over ten years since this trip happened).  One had more traditional ar and was interesting, but nothing I really recognized.  The other contained more modern art which I just did not enjoy at all (never really liked modern art – and some of the stuff here was just wacky).  We ate that night in a fantastic Tapas bar that I would love to find and get back to some day (hence goal I.4.17.01 That Tapas Bar in Madrid), but sadly don’t know the name of.  I vaguely remember it being along a large and important square in town, but that’s about all I can recall of its location.

Inside the Mezquita-Catedral

On the 23rd of June, we took a bus from Madrid to Seville, and during the trip stopped at Cordova to visit the Mezquita-Catedral: a moorish mosque that had been converted into a Spanish church.  The inside was just gorgeous with rows upon rows of arches in alternating red and white patterns.  While in Seville, I was able to get some good photographs of the skyline from atop the Cathedral, and even made it to see a Flamenco Dance.  I remember little of the dance, other than the costuming seemed to have had the perfect balance of elaborateness and subtlety, and that the dancers were both graceful and entertaining.

The Gardens in the Alhambra

From Seville, we traveled to the Costa Del Sol, again by bus, but first stopped at Granada and spent a long time touring the Alhambra.  This is the famous Moorish Palace, built in the 14th century, and then lost to the Spanish during the ‘Reconquista’of the late 15th Century.  The architecture and Islamic embellishments are breathtaking, and the gardens attached to the palace are gorgeous as well.  Anyone making a trip to Spain should not fail in visiting this site, not only for its historical interest, but the sheer beauty of the place.  After Granada, we continued on to Costa Del Sol, which I do not recall doing or seeing much of (other than spending time on the beach along the Mediterranean – a first for me at this point).

Seville Skyline from the Cathedral


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