Posted by: vikingsinspace | August 2, 2010

I. Ride the London Eye

Date Accomplished: 4 April 2010

The London Eye

The London Eye had just opened when I first visited England in 2000.  At the time I didn’t bother to go on it because there were just too many people wanting to see the new attraction, and there were plenty of other things in London that I hadn’t seen yet.  But since then, I had often tried to take a ride (or a ‘flight’ as they cheesily refer to it) on the Eye, but was unable to for one reason or another.  Usually the weather was just awful, or I didn’t have enough time, but on a couple of occasions, the Eye was actually shut down for maintenance or other reasons.  I’ve had a ten year bad streak of trying to get on this damn thing!  Hence, why it made it onto my goals list…

London from the Eye

I was down in London this Easter with my girlfriend, and while the weather hadn’t been great, we thought it was good enough to try the Eye.  We got there in the morning and decided not – it was just a little to gray and miserable.  So instead, we walked along the Thames up to Monument and saw that.  But by the time we had finished at Monument, the clouds dispersed and the sun was shining.  We decided to go back and try again.

After purchasing tickets, we got ushered in to a movie theatre.  I hadn’t realized this was a part of the attraction, but there was a ‘4D Experiance’ movie (which confused me as I always thought the fourth dimension was time, but it seems they were trying to capitalize on the new 3D movie craze and add other sensory stimuli such as touch and smell and claim this is ‘4D’) which was pointless and awful.  A complete waste of time, but luckily only a short amount of time.  From there, we had a relatively short wait in line to get on the wheel (I’d say 15-20 minutes).

Parliament from the Eye

We were able to get into our capsule quickly and grab a spot on the West end, which has views of Westminster and the North Bank of the Thames.  It was late in the evening, so the sun was unfortunately making it a little difficult to get good photos, and I had to fight some glare, but it was still a great experience.  The ride lasted maybe 20 minutes, which was just long enough to see what one would want to see, but not so long for the ride to get boring.  Over all, it was worth the wait, but could have done without the stupid movie, and perhaps cheaper tickets…



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