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I. Visit Lincoln

Date Accomplished: 6 September 2009

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln is a beautiful city which has a fantastic Cathedral and Castle placed on top of a very steep hill (in fact, the road leading up to the castle and Cathedral from the rest of the town is called ‘Steep Hill’).  Lincoln is also conveniently placed in between London and the city I am currently living in, so when I hired a car to move my girlfriend down south, on the way back up north, we stopped in Lincoln to stay the night.

Lincoln Castle Keep

Lincoln Castle Keep

We arrived in Lincoln in the afternoon and decided to go to the Castle first since the Cathedral was going to stay open later.  Most of the buildings inside the castle are prisons and courthouses from afer the medieval period, and I had little interest in seeing them.  The remaining medieval portions however are impressive.  The ring-wall is almost entirely intact, and most of the wall can be walked on.  I found one of the interesting aspects of the castle was that it had two mottes; the defensive hill which the keep of the castle is placed on.  I can’t think of another castle which has two mottes, nor why such an excess was thought to be needed.  Guess I’ll have to look it up.

Late Medieval Tomb

Late Medieval Tomb

After wandering around the castle, we went to the Cathedral, but found we couldn’t view the whole thing because a mass was being held.  So instead, we went outside and toured the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace and essentially had the run of the place since it was late in the evening.  We came back the next day to have a look at the Cathedral.  My impression was to compare it to the Duomo in Florence: it looks amazing on the outside, but a little boring on the inside.  The western facade has all sorts of amazing sculptures on it (although many were in the process of being replaced by replicas to preserve the originals).  Inside didn’t have too much, except one nice medieval stained glass rose window, and a late medieval bishop’s tomb which had the dead corporeal body carved underneath the ‘resting’ carved body on the top.  I know these were popular in later times, and this is apparently one of the first examples of it.

Lincoln Carvings

Lincoln Carvings



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