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VI.01.42. Read The Marquis of Carabas / Master-at-Arms

Date Accomplished: 11 March 2011

Master-At-Arms: P.F. Collier Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“I confess to a failing.  I can never perceive wit that has no roots in reason.  We cannot hope to change a substance by changing the name of it.” (19)

“…where feelings are tender, restraint is difficult.” (27)

“The suspicious are seldom happy, for they are seldom at peace.  Suspicion creates devils to torment us.” (53)

“…if you destroy the rich, you render destitute those who live upon them.” (106)

“Where there is no danger there can be no chivalry.” (194)

Dum vivemus vivamus.”  (Let us live while we live) (309)

“There is no shame in using evil for purposes of good.” (357)


The Marquis of Carabas (Master-At-Arms is the title of the American version) is another of Sabatini’s works concerning the French Revolution.  It revolves around a fencing master, Quentin de Morlaix, who is brought into the battles of the Royalists against the Republic in order to receive his inheritance to the lands and title of the Marquis of Chavaray (an inheritance which he was unaware until events in the book).

There seemed to be much more fencing, fighting and adventure in this book than many of Sabatini’s other novels.  It still contained all the political intrigue one would expect, but had that extra layer necessary to tell the tale of a fencing master.  The title of Marquis of Carabas is something that had puzzled me throughout the book.  It seemed to indicate the Lord of ‘nothing’ and it was only after I finished reading that I bothered to look it up.  Apparently the Marquis of Carabas is a character from the story ‘Puss n Boots’ (that of the owner of the cat who is given a fictional title).

There were many character in this story which made it difficult to follow at times, but otherwise I thought it was well done.


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