Posted by: vikingsinspace | August 30, 2010

I. Climb Monument

Date Accomplished: 4 April 2010


It seemed to me that Monument was the last large attraction in London that I had never visited (except for the London Eye, but that’s a new attraction so I never really counted that).  Of course, to just walk or drive by Monument and look at it form the outside means little – I had to climb it.

Monument is the tallest free-standing stone column in world, built to commemorate the fire of London in 1666 which almost destroyed the city.  It was built to a heighth of 202 feet, which, if lied on its side, would have the copper flame at the top touch the spot where the fire first began.  I have often wondered why the monument wasn’t actually built on the site where the fire started (a baker’s house), but have never found an explanation.  Inside the column, are 311 steps leading up to a platform (there are actually 345 steps, but the other 34 aren’t open to the public…) where one can view the city.  There are good views here of Tower bridge, and St. Paul’s, but it is difficult to see anything in Westminster.

Certificate given after climbing Monument

The climb wasn’t too difficult, with dizziness from the constant circling more of a problem than fatigue from the stairs.  The viewing platform was surrounded by mesh, which gave a nice sense of security on the small platform, but made taking pictures a little difficult.  I was lucky to have a gorgeous day for the climb, and since I wasn’t totally satisfied with the views from atop Monument (as nice as they are), I decided to head over to the London Eye and check that off my list as well).

Monument’s official website is here.



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